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You can have your picture on this success page if you want.  All you have to do is pass your test with Ray's Driver Training.  Click here to see the list of more previous successes.  If you want to take your driving skills further than you could consider pass plus

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Matt I - I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Ray. His clear explanations ensured I felt comfortable on the road straight from the off. Ray is a very patient person, who I'd highly recommend! Mark - Ray is a very friendly and encouraging driving instructor, who helped and guided me through all of my driving lessons.  I passed without a single fault. Thanks again for everything mate Sam2 - Took me a while but I finally got there with Ray's help. He was very patient with me. Really nice, and I would recommend him to anyone. Kayleigh2 - I absolute cannot thank Ray enough. I went to him 3 weeks ago from another company and what I learnt from him was amazing. Lo and behold I am now a passed driver!! An absolutely amazing and patient man! Chloe A - Watch out, Chloe's on the road - ha ha! Thank you so much for everything Ray, I would highly recommend you!! Judy - I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Ray! I felt comfortable and reassured driving with him and he was supportive throughout my learning! Thank you Ray for helping me pass my test! Azusa - Thanks so much Ray. You have been very patient and kind. A brilliant teacher! Raene - I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Ray as he showed a massive amount of patience and understanding throughout my driving journey. Very flexible with times and an all round a lovely man. Thanks, Mr. Ray! Katie - Learning with Ray - he is patient and made me feel at ease. He is reliable and friendly Josh - Thank you so much for everything, Ray. I felt comfortable learning with you right from the beginning. It was a pleasure being taught by someone who was so patient and understanding. Annie - Passed first time in Brentwood with 7 faults Towzie - I passed my test with Ray in Chelmsford with just 2 faults. I really enjoyed my lessons. Thanks Ray. Negar - I had never driven before, and was quite scared to learn, I felt at ease with Ray and his relaxed approach in teaching. I'm a visual learner and I found that if there was anything I didn't understand, especially about how the car works and what the clutch does, he would draw it for me, and I found that really useful. Then I felt like I had an understanding of the car and control of it. I would recommend Ray to anyone learning, he gives you the knowledge and belief to drive confidently and safely at all times. Vicky - Thank you once again!  I never thought I would pass - let alone pass first time!! I appreciate all your time, effort and determination in teaching me manoeuvres which I found really difficult!! And they ain't that bad after all!  I also thank you for the confidence you had in me!  Cheers Ray! Chelsea A - So happy I finally passed!! Ray is a brilliant driving instructor with lots of patience. I would highly recommend him. Joe M - I attempted my test 5 times and my confidence was at a low point before trying with Ray and passing first time! Thanks Ray. Austin - Thanks again for helping me pass my test, you're a really good instructor and made me feel comfortable with driving from the first lesson! Gina - I'd like to thank Ray for helping me pass my test first time round. Within a few months we had got to the standard and it's all thanks to Ray! Jacob - Ever since my first driving lesson Ray has been a brilliant instructor, explaining everything thoroughly and most importantly making me feel relaxed behind the wheel. Helping me pass first time is testament to his quality as an instructor, i would highly recommend! Joe O - I recommend Ray's Driver Training.  Ray is a great instructor I learnt loads in my first 10 lessons. He explains everything really clearly and creates an ideal atmosphere for you to learn in.  Ray took me from my first lesson to my pass and the service I got couldn't have been better. I recommend him to anyone wanting to pass their driving test! Will - Will passed recently with Ray’s Driver Training in Chelmsford with just three faults Ben H - Thanks to Ray, I passed with just 3 fault in Brentwood. A dedicated, patient and quality teacher all round. Thanks again, Ray. Jared - Thanks to Ray I managed to pass my test first time with just under 30 hours of lessons and I really couldn't recommend him enough. Ray put my initial nerves to rest and made my lessons enjoyable, but still pushed for improvement week on week. I'd also recommend the 'try it and see' offer as it's a great way to get you started and really good value. jquery lightbox resize imageby VisualLightBox.com v6.0