New Driving Test

The driving test will be revised with effect from 4th December 2017.


You will no longer be asked to reverse your car around a corner or perform a turn in the road. Instead, you may be asked to drive into a parking bay and the reverse out, or the other way round. You might also be asked to park on the right hand side of the road, before reversing back for about two car lengths and then rejoining the traffic on the left hand side. The parallel parking exercise will remain.


The independent driving element of the test will increase from 10 to 20 minutes and may involve you following directions from a sat nav.


Finally, one of the vehicle safety questions will be asked whilst you are driving along.


There is no change to the number of faults you can make.

Make sure!

Be careful when you book your test in Chelmsford. Now two centres are up and running in Chelmsford, it is important that you make sure you book and then turn up at the right one! You can book for either Hanbury Road or Hoffmans Way. Apparently, on the first day both centres were open, 4 candidates turned up at the wrong centre. They are a good ten minutes’ drive apart, so if you go to the wrong one, it is likely that your test won’t go ahead!